Falling - ( Open RP )

It was a cloudy day in Vancouver. Rain lightly fell from the sky making the are smell like wet concrete and dirt. A woman walked down the sidewalk along side a fence. She was dressed in an Alliance uniform. In one hand she held a single red rose, in there other was a bottle of whisky that only had about 3 shots left in it. Beyond the fence was a grave yard massive in size. The woman pace slowed as she approached the gate that led into the graveyard. 

As she entered a large wall was the first thing anyone could see. A memorial to the men and women who sacrificed their lives stopping the Reapers. She stopped and looked up at the wall. Her pose straightened and she gave a salute. The rain started to get heavier, but it didn’t seem to effect the woman.

She continued to walk past the wall. Right behind the wall was rows and rows of head stones. She glanced down at each one as she walked by. One made her stop dead in her tracks. It had flowers all over it,but the flowers were starting to wilt. She lowered her head clenching tighter onto the bottle, ” Hello… Anderson. I.. I am sorry I haven’t visited. ” She bent down and placed the rose on the ground in front of the head stone.

She reached into her side pouch, pulling out 2 shot glasses. Opening up the bottle she began to pour out two shots of whisky. She placed one on the headstone and held the second one to her lips. ” To you Anderson… you were one of the greatest men alive. A damn good solider, a great friend. ” She put her head back as she drank the whiskey. She hissed as it burned the back of her throat. ” I miss you Anderson.. I wish you were here. Wish you could’v seen how the world turned out. You would’v been proud. ” She lowered her head. The rain now poured down, the shot glass on top of the head stone started to overflow.