Falling - ( Open RP )

As the commander exited the graveyard she tossed the whiskey bottle into the trash can. The wind blew harder sending strands of wet hair clinging to her cheek. She walked along side the fence once more, head hanging low to attempt to keep the rain from hitting her in the face. She glanced over to take one more look at the graveyard. 

Shepard still didn’t understand how she survived, but some how she was alive. Alive to fight another day. Alive to remember those who she will never be able to see again. Sometimes she thinks that she shouldn’t have survived that day. What happened on the catalyst should have killed her.

She continued to walk forward towards the city. The streets where practically empty. Those who where walking around where masked by umbrellas. The only thing Shepard wanted to do was go back to the hotel room. All she wanted to do was lay down.