Falling - ( Open RP )

Shepard walked out of the shower, steam following behind her. Her Alliance uniform was hanging on a hook to dry. She was wearing some sweat pants and a white wife beater, towel draped around her neck. She rubbed her head with the towel in hopes to dry her hair a little faster. Shepard walked over towards the window looking down onto the street.The rain was coming down hard it was hard to see the street bellow. 

The only thing she could see were the tops of umbrellas and the headlights of the cabs. Being on Earth upset Shepard. The last time she was here it was when the Reapers were attacking. Looking out the window all she could see were flashbacks of the day she left. Tomorrow she was to go to Thessia to check up on the repairs. Everyone was rushing to mask the damage the Reapers did. It was a constant reminder of the devastation, and well… the end of life itself.